Smart Meters in the Home

Usually we talk about food, but today we are heading outside the kitchen. In our case we are just headed right outside our kitchen to our utility’s smart meter installed on the side of our home. These meters send wireless communication between each other to let the power company know how much power we are using. The smart meters make it really easy for the power company to know what we use, and hopefully that makes our power cheaper. But even if they make our power easier and cheaper, there is a huge debate online about whether or not these smart meters are safe.

Here is my take on it: I don’t really care if the debate is right or not. It is easy enough to get and install a Smart Meter Guard that blocks the RF radiation, so I did it. The meter still gets enough signal through to work, but almost none in my house (and most importantly my kitchen, with is just on the other side of the wall from the meter.)

You can get one here:

Just make sure you get the Smart Meter Guard that has the mesh all the way around, don’t get the knockoff ones that have gaps and holes.

Smart Meter Cover

Smart Meter Cover

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